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HOOT HESTER                                                    
Hoot Hester
The Man Behind the Fiddle
Born on a small farm just south of Louisville, Kentucky Hoot dreamed of becoming a fiddler at about the age of two and a half while watching his Dad and Uncles jam together. Hoot said "I remember picturing my fingers flying up and down the neck of that fiddle and mesmerizing everybody if they would only let me get my hands on that fiddle". He was nine before he got that chance. An elderly gentleman who lived on the next farm loaned Hoot a fiddle he had picked up somewhere and told him if he learned to play it he could have it... the rest is history.
In 1973....

In 1973 Hoot moved to Nashville after winning fifth place in a contest. It just happens Chet Atkins was one of the judges along with several other prominent people in the music industry. Hoot got a couple of good job offers that day and realized he might be able to play music for a living.
For the next year he played with "The Whites", commuting from Louisville on weekends then moved to Nashville in 1973.
From 1974 until 1980.... 
Hoot played with the "Compton Brothers" and "The White" until landing a job with Donna Fargo in 1974. Hoot played, on the road, with many of country's top artists including Mel Tillis and Jerry Reed. But after marrying and having a family he wanted his family to be the priority and Hoot quit working on the road in January 1980.
During the 80's and 90's....
The 80's and 90's brought new endeavors for Hoot. He began doing session recording for several artists and producers... which he still does today. The 80's also brought about his first television shows, one of which Hoot played for eleven plus years!
In 1997 Dennis Crouch and Hoot put together a western swing band called "The Time Jumpers". Hoot eventually left "The Time Jumpers" to produce and write with Rachael Hester, (his youngest daughter.) Hoot is still working with Rachel, who is successfully carving out her own place in the music business.
In 2000....
Hoot has played with the "Grand Ole Opry" staff band since 2000 and also worked with Earl Scruggs until he passed away in March 2012.
In addition to playing the "Grand Ole Opry", Hoot is playing with his daughter Rachel Hester at "Roberts' Western World", on Wednesdays from 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM. The band's name is "Rachael Hester and The Tennessee Walkers" Stop by and see them...you'll be glad you did!

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